Insurance Awareness Quiz 132

Insurance Awareness for LIC AAO 2019

Welcome to your Insurance Awareness Quiz 132

1. Which of the following word/term is closely associated with the insurance business ?
2. Which of the following committees has been constituted by Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDAI) to review regulations governing the Insurance Marketing Firms (IMF) ?
3. What is the current limit of FDI in Insurance sector?
4.  Which banks are insured by the deposit insurance and credit guarantee corporation (DICGC) ?
5. Insurance, as a subject is dealt in which of the following subject of the Indian constitution?
6. What’s the name of the written document that allows for policy transfer from one person to another ?
7. Which of the following describes the percentage of loss or expenses incurred for each premium earned ?
8. What is catch line of National Insurance Company Limited (NICL)?
9. In which of the following places India's first life insurance company was started by Europeans, whose name was Oriental Life Insurance ?
10. Which of the following was India’s first housing finance company ?

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