Insurance Awareness Quiz 131

Insurance Awareness Quiz for LIC AAO 2019

Welcome to your Insurance Awareness Quiz 131

1. Where is the headquarters of LIC ?
2. In Corporate Hedging, which of the following types of risks can be covered?
3. In which of the following LICHFL (LIC Housing Finance Limited) overseas office is/are located- 
4. The ratio, which describes the percentage of amount that would be charged as administrative, management, advertising, and all other expense by dividing these by average value of asset ?
5. ‘QIP’ is, at its core, a way for listed companies to raise capital, without having to submit legal paperwork to market regulators, majorly used in India and other southeast Asian countries. What does ‘QIP’ stand for ?
6. “A contract that pledges payment of an agreed upon amount to the person (or his/her nominee) on the happening of an event covered against” is technically known as ?
7. A type of insurance that is designed to provide insurance cover to couples or partners is known as ?
8. Which was the oldest insurance company founded in 1906 ?
9. Who is the Present Interim Chairman of the Life Insurance Corporation of India ?
10. What is called the insurance cover that is linked to credit activities and is the goal of protecting credit ?

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