Insurance Awareness Quiz 130

Insurance Quiz for LIC AAO

Welcome to your Insurance Awareness Quiz 130

1. A sum of money charged by the insurer from the policy holder to provide life cover is _______  ?
2. What is the maximum insurance cover per family under Ayushman Bharat National Health Protection Mission ?
3. In Insurance sector the word “TPA” stands for  ?
4.  Dishonestly and illegally taking assets of an insurance company is known as ________ ?
5. Which of the following is 'material alteration' of a negotiable instrument ?
6. A document which entails procedures to avail the compensation under Insurance policy is known as ?
7. Which of the following Individual looks into claim of the insured and states the compensation that would be forwarded to them?
8. Which of the following scenario defines a situation whereby an insurance company moves ahead to sue the third party who caused insurance loss to insured ?
9.  The amount, where an Insured discontinues premium payment but doesn’t withdraw money from policy, would be known as ?
10. Ponzi schemes fall under the regulatory purview of ____ ?