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Insurance Awareness Quiz 129

Insuarance Awareness Quiz for LIC AAO 2019

Welcome to your Insurance Awareness Quiz 129

1. Subrogation is not applied to which type of contracts ?
2. Insurance Brokers Association of India was incorporated as a Company under which Section of the Companies Act, 1956 ?
3. IndiaFirst Life Insurance has launched India´s cheapest e-term insurance plan on IndiaFirst Life Insurance is the joint venture of UK’s Legal and General, Andhra Bank and __________ ?
4. What does Uberrimae Fidei mean ?
5. Which of the following insurance companies was not a subsidiary of General Insurance of India (GIC) ?
6. ‘NFS’ is the largest network of shared automated teller machines in India. What does ‘NFS’ stand for ?
7.  Which of the following organisations regulates the National Pension Systems (NPS) ?
8. When one person pays or compensate for the loss occurred to the other person, it is known as ________ ?
9. AD&D ias commonly used in insurance sector. What does it stands for?
10. Which of the following insurance covers the company from the illicit activities of an employee ?

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