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Insurance Awareness Quiz 128

Insurance Awareness Quiz for LIC AAO 2019

Welcome to your Insurance Awareness Quiz 128

1. The Institute of Insurance and Risk Management is located in which of the following cities of India ?
2. The minimum paid up capital required for life Insurance business in India to set up pursue foreign ventures ?
3. Which among the following is not the principle of insurance ?
4. Which among the following stands for the ratio of premium underwritten in a given year to total population ?
5. Which of the following is an optional feature that can be put in on a basic insurance policy ?
6. The ratio, which describes the percentage of amount that would be charged as administrative, management, advertising, and all other expense by dividing these by average value of asset ?
7. Which one of the following is the amount that an Insurance company pays you which is inclusive of both sum assured and the bonuses ?
8. Which of the following insurance scheme provides accidental death and disability cover ?
9. Which private life insurance company has won the ‘India’s most Inspirational Brand Award’ at the IAWARDS 2018 ?
10. What is Life annuity ?

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