Insurance Awareness Quiz 124

Insurance Awareness Quiz for LIC AAO 2019

Welcome to your Insurance Awareness Quiz 124

1. The term ‘insurable interest’ is related to which of the following types of insurance ?
2. Which of the following is an exception to the ‘Principle of indemnity’?
3. A type of insurance that is designed to provide insurance cover to couples or partners is known as ?
4. The “Doctrine of Basic Structure” applies to ?
5.  A sum of money charged by the insurer from the policy holder to provide life cover is ________ ?
6. What is Micro Insurance Plan ?
7. What does the principle of loss minimisation means ?
8. Which of the following term defines BoP (Balance of Payment)?
9. Sometimes due to lack of money people get a term insurance but later on change it to a permanent policy. This is known as ________ ?
10. Which of the following are true about non-debt receipts of the centre in the budget year 2017 - 2018?