Insurance Awareness Quiz 122

Insurance Awareness Quiz for LIC AAO

Welcome to your Insurance Awareness Quiz 122

1. Dishonestly and illegally taking assets of an insurance company is known as ________ ?
2. What is the full form of TDB ?
3. What is the grace period in case of monthly premium payment mode in insurance ?
4. What is an actuary ?
5. What is Bancassurance ?
6. LRS is a facility provided by the Reserve Bank of India for all the resident individuals to freely remit a certain amount in terms of US dollar every financial year for a permissible set of current or capital account transactions. Here ‘LRS’ stands for ____ ?
7. ‘CDS’ offer protection against the non-payment of unsecured corporate or sovereign debt. Here ‘CDS’ stands for ____ ?
8. The mechanism through which the banks are allowed to borrow money through repurchase agreements are called a__________ ?
9. Which of the following type of agreement grants an agent to write insurance on behalf of the insurance company ?
10. The individual or entity to which the rights of the insured is legally transferred is known as ?