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Insurance Awareness Quiz 119

Insurance Awareness Quiz for LIC AAO 2019

Welcome to your Insurance/Banking Awareness Quiz 119

1. Which among the following principle states about the Individual who should be benefitted from the insured item?
2. Which Insurance Policy gives holder the benefits of both insurance and Investment?
3. Reinsurance is the name given to ?
4.  Which was the oldest insurance company founded in 1906 ?
5.  Which of the following terms is NOT related to the insurance sector ?
6. Under which section of insurance regulatory act 1938, the merger of an insurance company and a financial entity is not allowed ?
7. In Insurance sector the word “TPA” stands for ?
8. When the bank sells insurance products, such arrangement is called as ?
9. Funds that a lender collects to receive monthly premiums in mortgage as well for paying home owners insurance, and sometimes to pay property taxes is called ____?
10. Which of the following scenario defines a situation whereby an insurance company moves ahead to sue the third party who caused insurance loss to insured ?