Tricky Puzzle for IBPS CLERK Mains

There are 10 persons D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L and M sitting in two rows (5 persons in each row). Half of them are Banker and Half of them are Civil Servant. The two rows are facing each other (North and South). No Banker sits next to or opposite to another Banker.  K sits at the left corner of the north facing row. {KSeducational.Com} K is a Civil Servant. 2 people sit between L and F. G sits at the center in the south facing row. M sits opposite to the neighbor of I. M is facing south. M and I do not sit at the end. H sits opposite to the person who is next to D. H is facing north. H is a Banker. No one is sitting to the right of D. L is Civil Servant. E is a Banker. M is an Civil Servant.

Answer of the Puzzle

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