Expected Puzzle for Canara Bank Po/ IBPS Clerk Mains

Each of six-persons A, B,C, D, E and F has different brands laptop- Asus, Dell, HP, Apple, Sony and Toshiba. Among them B and E are males rest are females. Only one person has 0 child and one person has 2 children, all others have 1 child each. Each of the six persons has a different number of mobiles phone ranging from 1 to 6. {KSEducational.Com}     The person who has Asus has same number of child as that of E. The person having HP doesn’t have 1 child. C has Sony laptop. A has fewer mobile phones than D. F as well as the male who has Dell have 1 child. The male who has Apple owns more than 4 mobile phones. The person who has 5 mobile phones has 2 children. The person who has Toshiba has 1 child less than the person who owns the maximum number of mobile phones. The person who doesn’t have any child owns more mobile phones than B but fewer than exactly two females. F owns more mobile phones than C and B owns more mobiles than C.

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