Expected Puzzle for Canara PO & IBPS Clerk Mains

Eight persons N, O, P, Q, R, S , T and V are staying on different floors. The lowermost floor is numbered 1 and the topmost floor is numbered 8. They like different flowers i.e. Daisy, Iris, Rose, Lily, Clover,Jasmine, Lotus and Aster, not necessarily in the same order. {KSEducational.Com}   N likes Lily and lives on a floor which is 3rd from the top. One floor is between N and S. V likes Clover and lives on an even numbered floor somewhere below S’s floor. Two floors are between V and O. O lives below V. The number of floors between N and O is same the number of floors between as Q and R. R likes Lotus. Q lives on an odd numbered floor. The one who likes Jasmine lives below P but not on the 1st floor. Three floors are between the one who likes Jasmine and the one who likes Rose. The one who likes Daisy lives on an even numbered floor. O doesn’t like Aster.

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