High Level Puzzle for Canara Bank Po / IBPS Clerk Mains

Eight members of a family Roshni, Rohini, Rupika, Rupali, Sohan, Mohan, Roshan and Ravish are sitting around a circular table, some of them facing towards the centre while others facing opposite to the centre. There are three married couples in the family. No two members with the same gender are sitting together. {KSEducational.Com}   Rupika, who is daughter-in-law of Sohan sits opposite to Sohan’s wife. Roshni is not the mother of Roshan who is facing opposite direction to Ravish. Ravish is the father of Roshan. Rohini is the only child of Mohan and sits third to the right of her father, who is facing opposite to the centre. Roshni and her brother are immediate neighbors of each other and both of them are facing opposite directions. Sohan is facing same direction as Ravish. Roshni sits third to the left of Ravish’s father. Roshan’s aunt sits second to the right of Roshan’s mother and both of them face towards the centre. Roshan sits immediate right of his grandmother and third to the left of his mother. Rohini, who is the granddaughter of Rupali, sits second to her right and both of them face opposite directions.

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