High Level Puzzle for IBPS Clerk Mains & Canara Bank Po

Ten persons are sittingin twelve seats in two parallel rows containing five players each, in such away that there is an equal distance between adjacent players. In row – I – A,B, C, D and E – are seated and all of them are facing south, and in row – II – Q, R, S, T and V – are sitting and allof them are facing north. One seat is vacant in each row. Therefore, in thegiven seating arrangement each player seated in one row faces exactly oneplayer in the other row. {KSEducational.Com}   All of them live beside a different river among – Ganga, Godavari, Narmada, Kaveri, Yamuna, Indus,Krishna, Sutlej, Chambal, and Mahanandi – but not necessarily in the same order.   B sits opposite the person who sits third to the left ofthe person who lives beside Chambal river. Either D or S lives beside Mahanandi river and neither Dnor S sits at the ends of the row. The one who lives beside Narmada river and the one who livesbeside Yamuna river sit facing each other.  Neither B nor the onewho lives beside Chambal River sits at the third seat from any end of the rows. V sits opposite neither B nor E and lives beside neither Ganga river nor Sutlejriver. E sits neither adjacentto D nor opposite the one who lives beside Chambal river.  The vacant seat of row – I is not at any end of the row,and it is not adjacent to E. R livesbeside either Godavari river or Kaveri river and sits second to the right of the person whosits opposite C but not adjacent to the one who lives beside Chambal river.  C lives beside either Indus river or Krishna river. Theone who lives besides Indus river sits opposite to Krishna river. The vacant seats arenot opposite each other.  A sits opposite T and adjacent to the only one personwho lives beside Kaveri river.  The one who lives beside Godavari river sits adjacent toQ but not adjacent to the one who lives beside Yamuna river.  The one who lives beside Ganga river sits to the left of the one who lives besideKrishna river. Q does not live beside Narmada river.


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