Puzzle for IBPS Clerk Pre

(1)  Seven persons are going to some places in seven different months i.e. Jan, Feb, March, June, August, October and December in a random manner. Each of them also likes different colour, Red, Green, Blue, black, Yellow, White and pink but not in the same order. {KSEducational.Com}R goes in the month which has less than 31 days. Only 2 persons goes between the months in which R and S goes. The one who likes red goes immediately before T. Only one person goes before the one who likes blue. Q goes immediately after the one who likes blue. Only three persons goes between Q and the one who likes yellow. T likes neither yellow nor Blue. P goes immediately before T. V likes pink. The one who likes green goes in a month has less than 31 days. The one who goes in March doesn’t like black. One Person U is there.

(2)  Eight persons A, C, D, E, F, G, H and K are sitting around a circular table. Some of them are facing inside and some of them are facing outside from the centre. G is 2nd to the right of D. {KSEducational.Com} E is 2nd to the left of G. E and D are facing same direction. H is 3rd to the right of E. K is 2nd to the left of H. K is not neighbor of E. H is not facing outside. One person sits between H and F. A is 2nd to the left of F. A and F are facing the same direction. D’s both neighbors are facing the same direction with each other. E is 2nd to the right of C.

Detailed Solution: https://youtu.be/nh-21YHaFtE

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