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Banking Awareness Quiz 59

Banking Awareness Quiz for IBPS PO Mains & IBPS Clerk

Welcome to your Banking Awareness Quiz 59

1.  Which country became the first country in the world to launch its own cryptocurrency as a legal tender ?
2.  Under which of the following act was the 'Banking Codes and Standards Board of India' registered as a society ?
3.  The transaction in which a bank guarantees the payment in case of any damage or financial loss and accepts financial risk & liability is known as _______ ?
4.  In the Union Budget 2018-19, what is the amount of the total budget allocated for Micro-Units Development & Refinance Agency Ltd (MUDRA) Yojana ?
5. Under which of the following acts have the KYC norms been implemented   ?
6. To which of the following sections of the society does the “Blue Coloured Aadhaar Card', launched by the Unique Identification Authority of India, cater to?
7. Which among the following is not a product of National Payments Corporation of India ?
8. What is the full form of 'SWIFT' with reference to the banking industry?
9. The derivative contract through which two parties exchange a financial instrument is known as _____  ?
10 . The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has discontinued the issuance of which of following letter(s)? 
a. Letter of Undertaking 
b. Letter of Comfort 
c. Letter of Credit 

Banking Awareness Quiz 58

Banking Awareness Quiz for IBPS PO Mains  & IBPS Clerk

Welcome to your Banking Awareness Quiz 58

1.  The Reserve Bank of India raised the Foreign Portfolio Investment limit for Government Securities (G-secs). The limit has been increased by _____ crore ?
2.  Which of the following are the criteria for setting up a 'payment bank'?
a) Maintenance of CRR
b) Maintenance of a minimum 21% of its "demand deposit balances" in SLR 
c) Maintenance of a minimum paid-up equity capital of Rs. 100 crore
3.  Consider the following statements with respect to Bitcoins or 'cryptocurrencies' as they are commonly known;
a. Bitcoin is a decentralized electronic payment system 
b. Only a finite number of bitcoins can be created by miners 
c. Bitcoins are indivisible units of currency 
d. Every single bitcoin transaction is recorded in a ledger called the blockchain.

Which of the above statements are correct ?
4. 'Cheque' and Demand Draft' come under the purview of which of the following Acts ?
5. Which of the following economic terms is incorrectly matched with its definition? 

(i) Inflation: A general increase in the price level 
(ii) Deflation: A General decline in the price level
(iii) Disinflation: Reduction in the rate of inflation
(iv) Stagflation: Inflation with high rates of unemployment 
6. Which of the following risks are associated with the calculation of Capital to Risk (weighted) Assets Ratio (CRAR)? 

a. Operational Risk 
b. Market Risk 
c. Credit Risk 
Select the correct option from the given option ?
7. What does ‘V’ stand for in LTV ?
8. ‘GDR’ is a bank certificate issued in more than one country for shares in a foreign company. What does 'R' stands for in ‘GDR’ ?
9. Which of the following accounts are exempted from Base rate?
a) DRI loans 
b) Current account 
c) Saving account 
d) Loans to banks’ own employees
10 . Which of the following is not considered a Core Industrial Sector in the Index of Industrial Production (IIP) ?

Banking Awareness Quiz 57

Banking Awareness Quiz for IBPS PO Mains & IBPS Clerk

Welcome to your Banking Awareness Quiz 57

1.  Under the money back policy, what’s the name of the amount which is paid back to insured via instalments ?
2.  Which of the following accounts provides facility to exporters for converting foreign exchange into Rupees at the minimum cost ?
3.  In order to achieve financial inclusion goals, RBI has permitted opening of USBs. What is the full form of USB ?
4. A scheme that invests in the other scheme of same Mutual Fund or other Mutual Funds instead of investing in securities is called ?
5. What is the name given to the financial markets where there is a trading of both the debt and the stock instrument, subject to a maturity period of more than one  year ?
6. Transition process of Exchange from mutually owned association to a company is called  ?
7. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has issued the final guidelines suggesting on ‘NSFR’ to ensure that banks have sufficient stable sources of funding to finance their activities over the long term. What does ‘S’ stands in NSFR ?
8. The IBBI is one of the most important institutional arrangements that India has. What does the abbreviation 'IBBI' stand for ?
9. Which of the following best explains a 'paid-up capital' ?
10. Which of the following banks is authorised to issue the Electoral Bond ?