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Banking Awareness Quiz 45

Banking Awareness for IBPS PO Mains & IBPS Clerk

Welcome to your Banking Awareness Quiz 45

1. Money with No intrinsic value is called__  ?
2. IFSC Code is a 11-digit alphanumeric code that is used for NEFT, RTGS and IMPS fund transfers. In ‘IFSC’ ‘I’ stands for___ ?
3. FATF stands for ______ ?
4. The Banks recover term loan from the parties in EMIs. What does the letter ‘E' represent in the term ?
5. Which among the following body determines interest rate on savings deposit ?
6.  India’s Foreign Exchange Reserves consist of 

a. Foreign currency assets (FCAs) 
b. Gold 
c. Special Drawing Rights (SDRs 
d. RBI’s Reserve position with International Monetary Fund (IMF) 
Select the correct code from the given option:  

7.  Who formulates the monetary policy in India ?
8. RBI proposed a new methodology, Marginal cost of funds-based lending rates (MCLR), to calculate Base Rate. It came into effect on ___?
9. Which of the following statements is/are not correct regarding the Prompt Corrective action (PCA) a qualitative tool introduced by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI)? 
a. In India it was first introduced in 2002 during the period of Bimal Jalan as RBI governor. 
b. There are five parameters for evaluation whether the bank is to be brought under the ambit of Prompt corrective action. 
c. The PCA framework is applicable to all scheduled commercial banks, small banks, payment banks and non-banking financial companies (NBFCs).
10 . What is the name of a certificate issued by a depository bank, which purchases shares of foreign companies and deposits it on the account ?

Banking Awareness Quiz 44

Banking Awareness Quiz for IBPS PO & IBPS Clerk

Welcome to your Banking Awareness Quiz 44

1. Headquarter of ‘Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank’ located in which of the following countries ?
2. To call a loan NPA, the interest or installment of principal should remain overdue for a minimum period of more than how many days ?
3. India’s first contact-less mobile payment solution “iTap” has been launched by which of the following banks?
4. Which of the following is the first payment bank in India ?
5.  Which of the following statements is correct with respect to soiled note?
6.  Who has been appointed the first-ever Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) ?
7.  ‘PFE’ is a measure used primarily for credit risk measurement to assess the expected exposure to a counterparty. What is the expanded form of ‘PFE’ ?
8.  ‘FRBM’ Act was enacted in 2003 which set targets for the government to reduce fiscal deficits. In ‘FRBM’, ‘B’ stands for ?
9. Which of the following securities is not a part of the money market ?
10.  Where is the head office of India Post Payments Bank located ?

Banking Awareness Quiz 43

Banking Awareness Quiz for IBPS PO & IBPS Clerk

Welcome to your Banking Awareness Quiz 43

1.  Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana (PMVVY)’ aims to provide social security during old age. What is the minimum purchase price under the scheme for a minimum pension of Rs. 1,000/- per month ?
2. The objective of MUDRA Bank is to encourage entrepreneurship. In MUDRA, R stands for ___ ?
3. Beta measures what type of risk ?
4. Which of the following is not a function of RBI ?
5.  An option that may only be exercised on expiration is known as ?
6.  A savings bank account opened with a commercial bank with zero or very minimal balance is known as ?
7.  In which of the following types of cheques, the person whose name is written by the issuer, is the only person authorized to collect the amount ?
8.  'CAR' is the ratio of a bank's capital to its risk, expressed as a percentage of a bank's risk-weighted credit exposures. What does ‘A’ stand for in CAR ?
9. Which of the following is the tagline for Canara Bank ?
10.  'HCE' is a technology that emulates a payment card on a mobile device using the software. What is the full form of 'HCE' ?