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Banking Awareness Quiz 42

Banking Awareness Quiz for IBPS PO and IBPS Clerk

Welcome to your Banking Awareness 42

1.  GDP Deflator is used to calculate ?
2.  Where is the headquarter of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) located ?
3.  NPL is a sum of borrowed money upon which the debtor has not made scheduled payments for a specified period of time. what does  NPL stand for ?
4.  Mixed income of the self-employed means ?
5.  The arrangement under which banks sell insurance products acting as the agents of the respective companies is called the  ?
6.  Notice Money is a money lend for a period of how many days ?
7.  What is the maximum deposit in Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana ?
8. PIN is the numeric password which is separately mailed / handed over to the customer by the bank while issuing the ATM Debit / Credit card. What is the expand form of PIN ?
9. In CRR, C stands for __?
10. In the field of business and finance, AML is the abbreviated form of  ?

Banking Awareness Quiz 41

Banking Awareness Quiz for IBPS PO & IBPS Clerk

Welcome to your Banking Awareness Quiz 41

1.  What does the letter 'I' in  ‘IMPS’ stand for ?
2. When RBI increases CRR, it means ?
3.  Increasing unemployment and inflation is a situation of ?
4.  Under TARUN category, what is the maximum amount of loan that Mudra Banks can provide ?
5. The system of banking in which a bank places its funds under 100 percent risk-free assets with maturity matching for its liabilities is known as _______?
6. Where is headquarter of UTI located ?
7.  When a bank dishonours a cheque it is called ____  ?
8. Which board has launched the 'GST Verify' app, an android app that will verify whether a person collecting GST from a consumer is eligible to protect the interests of consumers?
9. As we all know Indian currency market is regulated by the RBI, while ‘currency futures’ are jointly regulated by the RBI and which of the following other banks?
10. "CAD” means money is flowing out of the country, and it suggests the nation is increasing its ownership of foreign assets. In “CAD” what does “D” stands for ?

Banking Awareness Quiz 40

Banking Awareness Quiz for IBPS PO & IBPS Clerk

Welcome to your Banking Awareness Quiz 40

1. The various disclosures in balance sheet of banks aims at ___ ?
2. Which of the following customer does not fall under low risk category under KYC guidelines ?
3. A money in bank account is treated as Unclaimed money deposit after ___ years ?
4. What is the interest rate that bank has to pay to the customer as compensation if the credit is delayed to beneficiary account or if there is any delay is returning the transaction to the originator in case of NEFT ?
5. NEFT works on the principle of ____ ?
6. Which of the following is FALSE ?
(i) RRBs can participate in NEFT settlement 
(ii) MMID has 7 digits
(iii) IMPS works even on holidays
7. A person having Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account (BSBDA) in a bank can have  which of the following accounts in the same bank?
(i) Savings Account
(ii) Fixed Deposit
(iii) Recurring Deposit
8. For a company to register as a NBFC it should have a minimum net owned fund of _____. Rs ?
9. Any NBFC is is considered systemically important NBFC when its asset size is of Rs ____ or more ?
10. NBFCs are required to accept public deposit for a minimum period of ___ months ?