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Memory Based Data Interpretation Asked in IBPS Clerk

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Puzzle for Canara Bank Po

8 persons namely A, C, D, F, G, H, K and M are sitting around a circular table. Some of the persons are facing towards the centre and some are facing outside.
F sits 3rd to the left of C. {} There are 2 persons sitting between F and K. A sits second to the right of K. M is not an immediate neighbor of A. 3 persons are sitting between M and G. Immediate neighbours of G are facing same direction. H is facing outside. F is not an immediate neighbor of K. F and K are facing opposite direction. Immediate neighbours of F are facing opposite direction. G and M are facing same direction as D. D sits third to the right of H.

Detailed Solution :

Banking Awareness Quiz 76

Banking Awareness Quiz for IBPS Clerk & Canara Bank Po

Welcome to your Banking Awareness Quiz 76

1.  Which of the following bank launched a mobile banking app “BPay” ?
2.  Which of the following organisations is the regulator of the credit rating agencies in India ?
3.  Under whom did the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI) constitute a Technical Committee to give recommendations for laying down Technical Standards for performance of core services and other services under IBBI (Information Utilities) Regulations 2017 ?
4. Prathama Bank, the first Regional Rural Bank of the country is sponsored by?
5. Which of the following type of unemployment happens at the time of switching of the job ?
6. Government of India has launched the BHIM app for digital transactions. Which of the following is correct about it ?
7. Which of the following are the criteria for setting up a 'payment bank'?
1) Maintenance of CRR
2) Maintenance of a minimum 21% of its "demand deposit balances" in SLR 
3) Maintenance of a minimum paid-up equity capital of Rs. 100 crore
8. Arrange the following in the decreasing order of their contribution to the Gross Tax Revenue. 
1) Corporation Tax 
2) Income Tax 
3) Custom Duty 
4) Service tax 
9. The headquarter of Indian Overseas Bank is situated in ______ ?
10. Which of the following Acts prohibits Hawala transactions in India ?

Puzzle for IBPS Clerk Pre

(1)  Seven persons are going to some places in seven different months i.e. Jan, Feb, March, June, August, October and December in a random manner. Each of them also likes different colour, Red, Green, Blue, black, Yellow, White and pink but not in the same order. {KSEducational.Com}R goes in the month which has less than 31 days. Only 2 persons goes between the months in which R and S goes. The one who likes red goes immediately before T. Only one person goes before the one who likes blue. Q goes immediately after the one who likes blue. Only three persons goes between Q and the one who likes yellow. T likes neither yellow nor Blue. P goes immediately before T. V likes pink. The one who likes green goes in a month has less than 31 days. The one who goes in March doesn’t like black. One Person U is there.

(2)  Eight persons A, C, D, E, F, G, H and K are sitting around a circular table. Some of them are facing inside and some of them are facing outside from the centre. G is 2nd to the right of D. {KSEducational.Com} E is 2nd to the left of G. E and D are facing same direction. H is 3rd to the right of E. K is 2nd to the left of H. K is not neighbor of E. H is not facing outside. One person sits between H and F. A is 2nd to the left of F. A and F are facing the same direction. D’s both neighbors are facing the same direction with each other. E is 2nd to the right of C.

Detailed Solution:

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Banking Awareness Quiz 75

Banking Awareness Quiz for IBPS Clerk & Canara Bank Po

Welcome to your Banking Awareness Quiz 75

1.  Which among the following stands for the ratio of premium underwritten in a given year to total population?
2.  Which of the following word defines a period, which falls between the date of the subscription of the policy and the first instalment received ?
3.  Which of the following provides pension or a mix of lump sum payment to the policy holder or his/her spouse ?
4. Which is the type of insurance in which the re-insurer can accept or reject any risk presented by the insurance company for reinsurance ?
5. What is the age limit of for Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana ?
6. ‘EEFC’ is an account maintained in foreign currency with an authorised dealer i.e. a bank dealing in foreign exchange. What does 'C' stand for in ‘EEFC ?
7. To call a loan NPA, the interest or installment of principal should remain overdue for a minimum period of more than how many days ?
8.  ‘MPIN’ is a 4-digit number combination used in an Automated Telephone Banking system. What does M stand for in ‘MPIN’ ?
9. Which of the following Acts has specially been launched to facilitate banks in recovery of bad loans ?
10. The minimum paid up capital required for life Insurance business in India to set up pursue foreign ventures ?

Banking Awareness Quiz 74

Banking Awareness Quiz for Canara Bank Po  & IBPS Clerk

Welcome to your Banking Awareness Quiz 74

1.  'FPO' s an issuing of shares to investors by a public company that is already listed on an exchange. Here ‘FPO’ stands for ___  ?
2.  The Reserve Bank of India has introduced new 10-rupee banknote. The base colour of the note is ____ ?
3.  RBI has the sole right to issue currency notes of various denominations except one rupee notes. Under which of the following Acts is the RBI entitled to issue currency notes ?
4.  The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has issued the final guidelines suggesting on ‘NSFR’ to ensure that banks have sufficient stable sources of funding to finance their activities over the long term. What does ‘S’ stands in NSFR ?
5. Transition process of Exchange from mutually owned association to a company is called ?
6. What is the name given to the financial markets where there is a trading of both the debt and the stock instrument, subject to a maturity period of more than one year ?
7. A scheme that invests in the other scheme of same Mutual Fund or other Mutual Funds instead of investing in securities is called  ?
8. In order to achieve financial inclusion goals, RBI has permitted opening of USBs. What is the full form of USB ?
9. The actual return of an investor is reduced sometimes as the prices of the commodities go up all of a sudden. In financial sector this type of phenomenon is known as ___ ?
10. Which of the following describe- the ratio of premium underwritten in a given year, to the gross domestic product (GDP) ?

Banking Awareness Quiz 73

Banking Awareness Quiz for Canara Bank Po & IBPS Clerk

Welcome to your Banking Awareness Quiz 73

1.  OMO (Open Market Operation) is a tool used to control the supply of money by purchasing or selling government securities regulated by which of the following bodies ?
2.  The 'EFTPOS' is an electronic payment system involving electronic funds transfers based on the use of payment cards. What does 'P' stand for in 'EFTPOS' ?
3.  “Apka Bhala and Sabki Bhalayi” is the tagline for which of the following banks ?
4.  'BCSBI' is an autonomous body for promoting adherence to self-imposed codes by banks for committed customer service. What does BCSBI stand for ?
5. What is the maximum limit for a loan under the Tarun scheme of Mudra Bank loan Yojana ?
6. If the company issues fresh shares, and such shares are offered only to existing shareholders in proportion of their existing shareholding then such issue is called as_  ?
7.  How many remittances can be received by a single individual beneficiary under the MTSS during a year  ?
8.  Which of the following exchange/s comes under the Indian Secondary Market?
9.  Standard and Poor's is a Credit Rating Agency of international repute. Which of the following is one such agency of Indian origin?
10.  What types of cheques are issued by the bank itself ?

General Awareness Quiz 6 for IBPS Clerk

Welcome to your General Awareness Quiz 6

1.  Which country surpassed China and became the world's  second-largest stock market, according to Bloomberg's data?
2.  Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has allowed non-fund-based  levels to revive India's co-operative banking sector ?
3.  Mughalsarai Junction of Uttar Pradesh was renamed as ________?
4.  Which state government has constituted two committees to deal with illegal migrants, following the final draft of National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Assam?
5.  State government is setting up a biotech and pharma facility named B- Hub, which will be India's first organised cluster for life sciences Research & Development ?
6.  Which Indian state unveiled the world's first-ever thermal battery on   August 2018 ?
7.  21 public sector banks and 3 major private sector lenders  collected from customers for non-maintenance of minimum balance in  their accounts in 2017-18?
8.  ________has launched the "Startup Academia Alliance programme", which is a  special mentorship opportunity between academic scholars and startups  working in similar domains ?
9.  Which country won the Women's Hockey World Cup 2018 that concluded in London on  August 2018, becoming world champions in Women's hockey for a record 8th time?
10.  When was 73rd Hiroshima day observed?

Banking Awareness Quiz 72

Banking Awareness Quiz 72 for IBPS Clerk & Canara Bank Po

Welcome to your Banking Awareness Quiz 72

1.  Fino Payments Bank is the fourth payments bank to commence operation in India. Where is the headquarter of Fino Payments Bank located ?
2.  Banks have to set aside or provide funds to a prescribed percentage of their bad assets. The percentage of a bad asset that has to be ‘provided for’ is called ‘PCR’? What does ‘C’ stands for in ‘PCR’  ?
3.  As per the new classification of MSME proposed under MSME (Amendment) Bill, 2015 which of the following best describes a small enterprise ?
4.  Consider the following statements about Bharat QR: 
a. It is developed by NPCI. 
b. It is Person to merchant mobile payment solution. 
c. If the bank is not Bharat QR enabled even then the customers of those bank can use Bharat QR. 
Which of the following statement is/are incorrect?
5.  What is the minimum and maximum transaction limit for RTGS ?
6.  Which of the following category of cheques is valid only in a given city and a given branch in which drawer has an account ?
7.  Which among the following statements is incorrect with respect to a 'Depository' ?
8. IFSC Code is a 11-digit alphanumeric code that is used for NEFT, RTGS and IMPS fund transfers. In ‘IFSC’ ‘I’ stands for___ ?
9. Which of the following types of Banking is most helpful with respect to 'cross-selling' ?
10. Which of the following is not covered under the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 ?

General Awareness Quiz 5 for IBPS Clerk

General Awareness Quiz for IBPS Clerk

Welcome to your General Awareness Quiz 5

1. Arunachal Pradesh Government has signed a MOU with Smart Village Movement (SVM) of which state to facilitate technology innovations, research and development in selected villages of the state ?
2. According to the United Nation’s E-Government Development Index (EGDI) 2018, what is the ranking of India ?
3.  Which state government launched 'Swachha Meva Jayate' cleanliness  campaign ?
4.  The US has eased export controls for high-technology product sales to India by elevating its status to a STA-1 country. STA stands for ______ ?
5. Neeraj Chopra won a gold medal in the Savo Games in Lapinlahti. The game event was held in  Finland. He is related to which Game ?
6.  ____topped N-SIPI (State Investment Potential Index) series by economic  think-tank NCAER, as the top 'most investor-friendly' destination  ?
7.  Where has the World's First Intertidal Art Gallery named Coralarium been opened ?
8. Country was elected as the President of the Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development (AIBD) for a period of two years?
9. Who has become the first Indian to receive the International Contributions Award given by the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT), USA ?
10. The government approved 122 new research projects at a cost of  ______under IMPRINT-2 initiative ?

Banking Awareness Quiz 71

Banking Awareness Quiz for IBPS Clerk & Canara Bank PO

Welcome to your Banking Awareness Quiz 71

1.  Kisan Credit Card (KCC) scheme was prepared by ____  ?
2.  VAR is a single number (currency amount) which estimates the maximum expected loss of a portfolio over a given time horizon (the holding period) and at a given confidence level. What does ‘VAR’ stand for  ?
3.  The Government has decided to set up ________ Van Dhan Kendra across the country for empowering Tribal communities  ?
4.  Which of the following committee recommended the establishment of Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) in each district in 1975 ?
5.  __________ refers to the borrowing raised by Indian corporates from international markets ?
6. The Certificate of Deposit (CD) is a negotiable money market instrument and issued in the form of ?
7. ‘PMSBY’ is a social security scheme launched by the Government of India in 2015. Which of the following is the most appropriate explanation of the PMSBY ?
8.  Which of the following companies is the biggest consumer financial services company?
9.  ATM that is owned and managed by non-banking entities hoping to cut transaction for banks are known as________  ?
10 .  The stock exchanges are defined under which of the following act  ?


General Awareness Quiz 4 for IBPS Clerk

General Awareness Quiz for IBPS Clerk & Canar Bank PO

Welcome to your General Awareness Quiz 4

1. Name the monthly e-newsletter launched by Union Ministry of Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises ?
2. Which state government announced the formation of a committee to look into the complaints of farmers who have not received timely compensation for crop loss ?
3. Which state has become the first State in North East India to introduce Smart e-Public Distribution System (e-PDS) developed by the Madras Security Printers ?
4. Private sector bank Karur Vysya Bank announced its tie up with _____ to provide insurance services to customers ?
5.  ____ has received the National Payments Excellence Award2017 by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) ?
6.  Ministry of Railways introduced two mobile applications ‘Rail MADAD’ and ‘Menu on Rails’ to improve the travelling experience. Expand MADAD ?
7.  Chinese President Xi Jinping presented China’s first friendship medal to which leader, at a special event held at the Great Hall of People, China ?
8.  Central government has decided to establish India’s first ever National Police Museum in ____?
9.  Centre for Railway Information System (CRIS) has developed a mobile based application called _____ for cashless train ticketing?
10. Which stock exchange launched a ‘Tri-party Repo Market Platform’ for repurchase of corporate debt security ?
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