RC Practice 16 October

With YouTube replacing Disney as the most-loved brand among young children in the U.S., and streaming giants encouraging binge viewing, a whole generation risk being brought up on cultural junk food, some of the world’s top kids television programme makers have warned.

Many children effectively being “babysat in front of screens”, the tech and entertainment industries needed to take a hard look at their impact on young minds. Public service broadcasters were key in holding the line to keep children safe and ensure they are not exploited.

If you want children to love vegetables, it is very difficult to do so if all they are surrounded by is pizza and sweets.

(This passage has been compiled from “The Hindu” newspaper)

Q1. What can be the title of the above passage?

  • Children’s Future at risk.
  • TV Channels
  • Kids
  • The Entertainment Industry

Q2. Why is it difficult to make children love vegetables?

  • All that they see on TV programs or Youtube is Pizza and Sweets.
  • They do not like vegetables
  • They like the taste of Pizza only.
  • Because they like Cakes and Pastries.




Answer 1-A, 2-A

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