RC Practice 14 October

Gyroscopes can be very perplexing objects because they move in peculiar ways and even seem to defy gravity. These special properties make ­gyroscopes extremely important in everything from your bicycle to the advanced navigation system on the space shuttle. A typical airplane uses about a dozen gyroscopes in everything from its compass to its autopilot. The Russian Mir space station used 11 gyroscopes to keep its orientation to the sun, and the Hubble Space Telescope has a batch of navigational gyros as well. Gyroscopic effects are also central to things like yo-yos and Frisbees!

The Chandra mission has suffered a glitch possibly due to the failure of the gyroscope. The Chandra X-Ray Observatory, observing the universe in high-energy light since 1999, has entered a protective ‘safe mode’, which interrupts scientific observations and puts the spacecraft into a stable configuration.

On October 5, Hubble entered safe mode after one of the three gyroscopes (gyros) being used to point and steady the telescope failed. Gyroscopes help spacecraft maintain proper orientation.

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Q1. What can be the most appropriate Title for the above Passage?

  • Gyroscopes and its Uses
  • Failure of the Gyroscope
  • Uses of Gyroscope
  • Hubble and Chandra Observatories

Q2. When was Chandra X-Ray Observatory installed?

  • 1990
  • 1999
  • 2000
  • 2009

Q3. Gyroscope are used in following –

  • Spacecraft
  • Space Station
  • Bicycle
  • All of the above




Answer : 1-A, 2-B, 3-D

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